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Department of Dance

Dance Class
At a performance of TU dance at the Cowles Center
  • We now have three full classes of dance every day at Highland, with a total of 72 students signed up for the year.  Residencies with local dance companies are an integral part of our program.

    The International Baccalaureate program at Highland Park Senior High is one of only three programs in Minnesota that include an IB dance program, started by Charlotte Landreau, IB Diploma Coordinator.




    January Dance Show - "Gestures"   

    Thursday, Jan 15, at 10:05 am, and again at 7pm, in the HPSH Auditorium. 

    Dancers - on stage at 9:15am and 6pm that day (call-makeup and costume after that)

    Mon., 9/15, through Weds., 9/17, in room 2307

    9/15:  Read the article on history of jazz dance at http://www.dancelessons.net/dance_history/HistoryofJazzDance.html, and take notes on the timeline in your journal.  When done, practice the FFF!

    9/16:  Read the article on Katherine Dunham at http://www.pbs.org/wnet/freetodance/biographies/dunham.html, and take notes on her influences and accomplishments in your journal.  When done, practice!

    9/17:  Read the article on Jack Cole (and watch his performance on the video!)

    http://www.danceheritage.org/cole.html, and take notes on his influences and accomplishments in your journal.  When done, practice!

Dance class