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Meet Dr. Yeu Vang, Director of MLL

Dr. Yeu Vang Dr. Yeu Vang has been an educator for 20 years with St. Paul Public Schools.  She began her career as a classroom teacher at North End Elementary School.  She was Program Manager in the English Language Learners Department for one year and in 2003, Dr. Vang became the first Hmong woman principal to be tenured in the St. Paul Public Schools.  She has served as principal for six year at JJ Hill Montessori and seven years at Jackson Preparatory School a magnet for Hmong Dual Language Program (HDL). 

Dr. Yeu Vang was promoted by Superintendent John Thein to the role of Director for the Office of Multilingual Learning.  Her new chapter will focus on equity, empowerment and achievement with the district ELL services and Immersion programs.

MLL Department Staff

Name Title Email Phone
Dr. Yeu Vang (Ntxawm Vaj) Director 651-744-6422
Elzbieta Murphy Supervisor 651-744-2767
Erika Bakkum Interim Supervisor / TOSA 651-767-8387
Liz Hathaway-Castelán Dual Langauge TOSA Lead 651-744-3418
Anna Parvi EL Teacher/Secondary TOSA 651-767-8309
Nicholas Zimmer Elementary TOSA 651-744-8174
Christi Schmitt Elementary TOSA 651-744-6998
Sandra Smith Secondary TOSA 651-767-8315
Mai Kou Xiong Dual Language TOSA 651-744-6468
Myrna Abrego MLL/LCD/EA/Placement Support 651-767-8148
Hsajune Dyan Karen Community Specialist 651-767-8294
Ge Moua Hmong Programs Support 651-744-5217
Lydia Rodriguez Accounting Technician 651-767-8232
Natalia Vang Department Clerk 651-744-8370
Phi Vu Data/Research Analyst 651-767-8192
Doua Yang Hmong Programs Support 651-767-8219
Wendy Aro Middle School TOSA 651-767-8315
Stella Ashland EL Teacher/Elementary TOSA 651-767-8246