Celeste Carty, Principal

543 Front Ave., Saint Paul, MN 55117

(651) 767-8540 | Get Directions

Principal/School Name

360 Colborne Street, Saint Paul, MN, 55102

651-767-8100 | Get Directions

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Crossroads Elementary Site Council

  • The Crossroads Site Council is the governing body of combined Science and Montessori programs. It serves to work alongside and advise building leadership to carry out the best educational programming possible.

    Site Council Minutes 2014 -2015

    Site Council Members

    The Crossroads Science Program is looking for parent members to join the site council.  If you are interested please contact Sylvia Perez at 651-767-8540.

    Heather Lewis, Montessori Parent - Site Council Chairperson

    Celeste Carty, Principal; celeste.carty@spps.org

    Ginny Herriges, Early Childhood Teacher; ginny.herriges@spps.org

    Sylvia Perez, Parent Involvement; sylvia.perez@spps.org

    Kristen Hitchens, Montessori Parent, kristen.hitchens@spps.org

    Misty Sato, Community Representative, U of M

    Nora O'Connor, Non-licensed Staff Representative